• Roseville Chase, NSW
Kanosuke Single Malt 1st Edition 2021

PLU: 855

Country Japan
Volume 750 mL


“Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION” was produced at Kanosuke Distillery between 2017~18 and is our first single malt Japanese whisky.
Made with unpeated malt, it is bottled at cask strength from a blend of barrels, with re-charred American white oak ex-“Mellowed Kozuru” aged shochu casks as key.
Our Japanese whisky journey begins.

Tasting Notes

Color: Amber, sunset
Nose: Lime, prune, raisin butter
Taste: Mellow and woody, vanilla, Nikki cinnamon
Finish: Bittersweetness of chocolate-covered candied orange peel, soft sea breeze

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