• Roseville Chase, NSW
Old Kempton Solera Cask Whisky 500ml

PLU: 955

Country Australia
Region Tasmania
Volume 500 mL


A spectacular Portuguese Solera Tun filled with a selection of the very best Old Kempton Whisky and left to mellow. Half of the Tun’s contents are decanted and bottled, making a unique, aged and stunning release every time.

Aroma: A beautiful rich, complex, and well-balanced aroma with dried fruits, cherries, toffee, malt, vanilla, and gentle oak all apparent.

Palate: Just as rich and complex as the aroma with an amazing mouth filling flavour – like biting into an alcohol cream centred milk chocolate.

Finish. Warm, generous, and long with dark fruit and nut chocolate, spice, and toasted oak. A wonderful whisky.

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